Our Doctor's

Doctor Name Type and Specialization Doctor Schedule Contact Number
De Leon-Monsod Jessica Ophthalmology And Retina Wed 1-3 PMNot Available
Uy, Samuel T.Internist, Gastroenterology And Hepatologist Telemedicine Daily By Appointment Except Sunday09066454747
Limeta, Carmencita M.Pediatrics Wed & Fri 8-10 AM09364597863
Rebollido, Rowena CacasAdult Cardiology And Interventional Cardiology Virtual Clinic: Mon To FriNot Available
Serrano-Sinnung, Abigail NebrejaAnesthesiology On Call09228746706
Alonzo, Ismael PaulinoGeneral Surgery Wed 11-1 PM & Sat 10-2 PM 09423334852
Cabochan, Kaye Lovell Basa-OngPediatrics Tues, Thurs & Sat 1-3 PM09163596127
Henson, Ma. Lissa Angela GuanlaoPediatric Surgeon Mon & Fri 1-3 PM09559428664 nikki
De Joya, Grace Rita, LegaspiGeneral Pediatrics Tues, Thurs & Sat 10-12 PM09175081958
Andin, Samuel TabijeSurgery, Cardiac, Vascular, And Thoracic Surgery And Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery By Appointment09175395737
Tiu Laurel, Sherry CooPediatrics Tues, Thurs & Sat 8-10 AM09184147822
Roldan, Fortuna Corazon A. ENT - HNS And Laryngology, Voice And Swallowing Disorders Covid Schedule (Mon & Fri 1-3 PM) Regular Schedule (Mons, Weds & Fri 1-3 PM)09462370533
Castell, Maria May MarasiganOb-Gyn Tues & Thurs 3-5 PM09228498371
Mortera, Lalaine LlamidoInternal Medicine - Pulmonology And Pulmonology Mon & Fri 10-12 PM (But Currently Limited To Online Consults)09228556544
Belleza, Aleli VillavizaPediatrics By Appointment Wed & Sat 1-3 PM09954410749 NEA SALAZAR
Santos, Ma.Margarita Ramona OrtegaPediatrics Tues & Sat 1-3 PM09433990693
Salcedo, Eric AtananteGeneral Surgery And Cosmetic Surgery Tues, Thurs 1-3 PM & Sat 6-8 PM09209240262
Tan, Ma. Theresa LayugObstetrician - Gynecology Mon, Wed & Fri 10-12 PM09178448545
Suller, Peter Clifford, SolivenUrology Mon To Sat 1-4 PM09209542960
Platon, Aimee, DoromalOb-Gyne And Ob-Gyne Ultrasound Tues & Sat 3:30-5:30 PM 09178543303
Pacheco, Maria Josefa BaluyotOb-Gyn Mon, Wed & Fri 1-3 PM09338124203
Chua, Jo Ben MirasolUrology Mon & Wed 3-5 PM09279377306
Zaens, Janet Ada LamugGeneral Surgeon Tues & Thurs 1-3 PMNot Available
Baya, Anna Maria Theresa F.Obstetrics And Gynecology And Ob-Gyn Sonology Mon, Thurs & Sat 1-3 PM09998819268
Escabas, Maria Barbara Carolina BarredoGeneral Pediatrics Tues 1-3 PM & Fri 3-5 PM09394134000
Baroque, Alejandro Ii CruzNeurology And Psychiatry And Stroke Wed & Thurs 3-5 PM Not Available
Tan, Karl Marvin MercadoUrology And Endourology - Minimally Invasive Surgery In Urology Mon, Wed & Fri 8-10 AM09957635210
Maglalang, Allen Vincent RamosEar Nose Throat And Head And Neck Surgery Tues 1-3 PM & Sat 10-1 PM09358318992
Uy, Alfredo Jr, SullivanUrology, Endourology And Oncology Wed & Fri 3:30-5:30 PM09178255696
Villegas, Christian James BugarinAnesthesiology On Call09173299082
Dogelio, Louella AgustinOb Gyn And Ob Gyn Sonology Sat 10-12 PMNot Available
Cinco, Ruth Ursula CInternal Medicine And Gastroenterology Wed & Fri 1-3 PM09223494569
Alonzo, Marianne MananghayaOb-Gyn Fri 1-4 PMNot Available
Viray, Mary Grace Michelle MartirezPediatrics Tues, Thurs & Sat 3:30-5:30 PM09228785988
Atanacio, Darwin, ValdezAnesthesiology Not Available09285501667
Mia, Reginaldo, ZornosaInternal Medicine Tues 1-5 PM, Thurs 1-3 PM & Fri 10-12 PM09173086001
De Vera, Leah, DatuinOb-Gyn Tues & Sat 8-10 AM09178422110
Mamauag, Maria Carmela, VillaniaPediatrics Mon, Wed & Fri 1-3 PM09175784417
Cacas, Romualdo Jr. GayoGeneral Surgery And Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery Mon, Wed & Fri 10:30-12:30 PMNot Available
Thimm, SibylleAnesthesia On Call09158530246
So, Racquel JoyPediatrics And Child And Adult Allergologist Online Clinic For Sick, Special Appointment For Well09333887839
Mendoza, Celia MarceloGeneral And Cancer Surgery And Breast Mon & Wed 10-12 PM84268000
Ferreras, Cherelina SantiagoInternal Medicine And Medical Oncologist Thurs & Sat 10-12 PM09328444210
Uy, Froilan ColomaPediatrics Tues & Thurs 1012 PM09175419916
Favila, Czarina BascoOb-Gyn Tues, Thurs & Sat 10:30-12:30 PM09178557774
Delovino, Kirt Areis E.ENT-HNS, Head And Neck Cancer And Facial Plastics And Reconstruction Mon, Wed & Fri 9-12 PM09330464903
Domingo, Mario MatiasInternal Medicine And Diabetology Wed & Fri 8-10 AM09255576240
Morillo, Laurence Adlai BaniquedAdult Clinical Hematologist Mon 1-3 PM (E-Consult Only) & Wed 1-3 PM (Face To Face Consult)Not Available
Santillana, Ma. Mila, GalvanOb-Gyn Wed & Fri 10-12 PM09667811184
Bandong, Regina AquinoOb-Gyn Mon, Wed & Fri 3:30-5:30 PM09271836373
Tiongson, Leslie Colleen, AcostaDermatology Tues & Sat 10:30-12:30 PM09500431227
Gonzales, Maritess SungaAnesthesiology On Call09176761226
Amosco, Melissa D.Obstetrics And Gynecology And Ultrasound In Obgyne Tues & Sat 1-3 PM09327900599
Lim-Estorosos, Vickylyn Pediatrics Wed & Fri 2-4 PM 09364597863
Macapagal, Jacky Lou FulgencioOb-Gyn Tues, Thurs & Sat 8-10:30 AM09178864432
Santiago, Marie Catheleen PerezOb Gyn, Maternal Fetal Medicine/ Perinatology And Ob Gyn Ultrasound Tues & Sat 10-12 PM, Fri (Ultrasound ) 1-3 PM4268000
Villalva, Corazon, Capuchino Ophthalmology Mon & Wed 11-1 PMNot Available
Ramos, Noel Victor General Surgery And Laparoscopic Surgery Tues, Thurs & Sat 3-5 PM09199126560
Menor, Teresita Rosario AquinoInternal Medicine And Gastroenterology Tues & Thurs 8-10 AM09177953864
Lim-Yap, Yvonne Doningo Pediatrics Mon, Wed 10:30-12:30 PM & Sat 3-5 PM09163839517
Brojas, Maria Cecilia CasteloOb-Gyne Mon & Wed 1:30-5:30 PM09453976989
Malong, Charise L.Pediatrics Tues, Thurs & Sat 3-5 PM09286397859
Badillo, Jaimie BaelloOb-Gyn Wed & Fri 1-4 PM09175004741
Estepa, Victorio EstoestaInternal Medicine And General Cardiology Mon, Wed & Fri 8-10 AM09196829432
Belmonte, Gladys Cielo De GuzmanDermatology Mon & Fri 10:30-12:30 PM09364597863
Copuyoc, Francis Ledda Internal Medicine 3:30-5:30 PM09176226191
Maglalang, Cristina MacarilayObstetrics And Gynecology And Ob-Gyn Sonologist Mon, Wed & Thurs 10:30-12:30 PM09175474511
Tismo, Erlinda RoqueObstetrics/Gynecology Tues, Thurs & Sat 3:30-5:30 PM09284314465
Osmillo, Joan AlambraGeneral Obstetrician-Gynecologist Mon 2-4:30 PM By Appointment & Wed 2-4:30 PM Walk-In & By Appointment09434425301
Abraham, Dale Raymond AguilaSurgery And Aesthetic, Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery By Appointment 917831615
Campanilla. Castro Rica Ob-Gyn Mon, Wed & Fri 10:30-12:30 PM09665763582
Cube, Castro Ray Internal Medicine Tues, Thurs & Sat 1-3 PM09665763582
Galauran, Jose MariInternal Medicine And Nephrology Mon 1-3 PM09957635210
Castro, Lilibeth A.OB GYN - Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Sat 6 PM (By Appointment)local 305
De Torres, Maria Theresa U.Internal Medicine - Cardiology Non Invasive Cardiology Sat 10-12 NNMilaine ?09327900599?
Troncales, AuraInternal Medicine - Cardiology Tues & Thurs 1-3 PM09289807328
Francisco-Ordinario, Maria CeciliaOb-Gyn Mon and Friday 10-12 PMNikki 09959428664
Diamante, Dulce Corazon B.Fellow Obstetrics and Gynecology, OB Sonologist Thurs 3:30-5:30 PM & Sat 1-3 PM09323213016
Loo Tian, Ziegfried L.Anesthesiology By appointmentNot Available
Uy, Darwin C.Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology Mon & Friday 4 PM By AppointmentMs. Jen 09330489924
Cayabyab, Grace P.Ob-Gyn (Perinatology and Ob-Gyn Ultrasound) Mon 4-6 PMLaizah 09097291275
Gutierrez, Rosenia S.Ophthalmology Mon 10-2PM & Thurs 2-4 PM09563872198
Cruz Liah, Ann GPediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Sat 10-12 NNJenny 09498160933
Seludo, Bernadette T.Internal Medicine-IDS Wed & Friday 10-12 NN09473361393
Guce, Ma CynthiaPediatrics Wed & Sat 8-10 AM09327721693
Diansuy Jr., Wilfredo P.Neurosurgery Mon & Wed 3-5 PM09677930162
Castro, Rica CampanillaOb-Gyn Mon, Tues & Sat 10-1209665763582
Bernardino, Marites L.Ob-Gyn Tues 1-5 & Sat 3-5Not Available
Torres, Pia CatrinaPediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases Tues, Thurs, Sat 1-3 PMNicky 09234024740
Reyes, Paul DelosInternal Medicine - Adult Cardiology - Non Invasive Cardiology Wed & Fri 12-2 PMVevs 09973051184
Macalino, MelizaInternal Medicine - Pulmonology Mon, Wed & Fri 1-3 PMRachel 09089638757
Tanchoco, Maria Virginia VargasPediatrics Tues,Thurs & Sat 10:30-12:30 PMJhovy 09286397859
See, Cherille ChengOb-Gyn Sat 8:30-9:30 AM09362928699
Hilario, Evelyn Anthonette E.Pediatric Cardiologist Tues, Thurs & Sat 8-10 AM09097291275
Pineda, Ian ChristAnesthesiology By Appointment Not Applicable
Gregorio IV, Antonio Eric F.General, Cancer, Laparoscopic And Minimally Invasive Surgery By Appointment Not Applicable
Supe, Myla Gloria SalazarInternal Medicine - Adult Cardiology By Appointment 09330489924
Gayo, Katherine T.Pediatrics Mon, Wed & Fri 2-4 PM By Appointment 09453976989
Bernal, Ma. Concepcion M.Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Mon 10-12 & Wed 1-509691645881
Cruz, Mercedes Rhandee M.Anesthesiology On Call09178871338
Sampana, Christopher GInternal Medicine Gastro Tues 10-12 NN, Sat 9-11 AMMaybelle 09223494569
Uera-Aquino, Vera Veronica M.Internal Medicine - Hypertension Specialist Fri 1:00-3:00 PM09974482328
Navidad, Noel NilloInternal Medicine And Diabetology Mon & Wed 8-10 AM, Sat 3-5:30 PM09338156844
Karl, BadilloAnesthesia Not Applicable09175004741
Santiago, PatrickOphthalmology Tues 10:00 AM09563872198
Jampil, Mary Rose G.Pediatrics Tues & Thurs 1-3 PM09083902589
Adul, Diodena B.Pediatrics Mon, Wed & Fri 3:30-5:30 PM09083902589
Frederick, TanInternal Medicine Mon, Wed & Fri 10-12 NN09330489924
Chico, JoselitoInternal Medicine - Pulmonary Medicine Tues, Thurs & Fri 10:30 -12:3009177671090
Cruz, Maria Victoria Rosanne NasolPediatric Critical Care Tues & Thurs 3-5 PMRico 09330489924
Chico, Marie Natalie Isabel PacisOb-Gyn; Ob-Gyn Ultrasound Mon, Wed & Fri 1-3 PMLibby 09177671090
Quinsay, Lara Lorrice Q.Ob-Gyn Mon, Wed & Fri 10:30-12:30Jaquelin 09326945124
Saba, John PauloInternal Medicine Thurs & Sat 10:30-12:30 PM09677930162
Castro, Ray CubeInternal Medicine Tue 1-3, Fri 10-12 & Sat 1-3Viber 09665763582
Diaz, MichaelUrology Tues & Thurs 10-12 NN09272609449
Maria Ill, Angel StaPain Medicine Wed 1-309083902589
Yason, Ma. May Jasmin RamosDermatology By Appointment 09128459260
Casino Jr, Rodrigo F.Internal Medicine - Pulmonology Mon, Wed & Fri 1-3 PM09665763582
Poricallan, Joy G.Ob-Gyn Ultrasound Subspecialist Wed 8-10 AM09286397859
Castell, Christopher M.General Surgery Mon, Wed & Fri 10:30-12:30 PM09974482328
Tan, Lorelie GOb-Gyn Mon & Fri 1-309993144951
Campued, VenancioInternal Medicine Not Applicable09275596463
Burce, Catherine MaliwatObstetrics And Gynecology - Perinatology Tues, Thurs & Sat 3:30-5:30 PM 09325862698
Ocampo-Belo, Maureen Z.Obstetrics And Gynecology Tues, Thurs & Sat 10:30-12:30 PM09178520065
Pamuspusan, Ma. Asuncion R.Obstetrics - Gynecology Mon, Tues & Wed 3:30-509323213016
Carolino, Cher Alaine LunaInternal Medicine - Adult Nephrology Sat 12-2 PM09330489924
Berces, Ely Jra V.Ob Gyne Tues, Wed & Sat 1-3 PM09338156844
Vicencio, Robert Alain P.Internal Medicine-Cardiology By Appointment 09166043208
Vicencio, Maria Aurora D.Pediatrics By Appointment 09166043208
Enriquez, Ferliz AnneAnesthesiology On CallNot Applicable
Balce, Ivy Jean FObgyn/Obgyn Ultrasound Tues, Thurs & Sat 10:30-12:3009234024740,09559428664
Malahito, Rowald Rey G.Ent-Head And Neck Surgery Tues, Thurs & Sat 10:30-12 NN09083902589
Villaviza-Belleza, Aleli P.Pediatrics Wed & Sat 1-3 PM09453976989
Nicolas, EncarnitaOb-Gyn Temporarily Not Holding ClinicNot Applicable
Jiao, Eric JasonOb-Gyn By Appointment: Wed 2-4 PM & Fri 2-4 PMRina 09224577572
Liboro, Yasmin D.Obgyn Infectious Disease Not Applicable09178494883
Adan, Katrina Fidelina C.Obstetrics And Gynecology, Ob Gyn Sonology Mon, Wed & Fri 1-3 PM Celyn 09568705128
Flores, Kristine PascuaOphthalmology Sat 3:30-5:30 PM09563872198
Jesus, Olivia Geronimo-DePediatrician/Adult And Pediatric Allergy Asthma And Immunology Mon & Wed 10:30-12:3009677930162
Hao, WilliePediatric Surgery And Pediatric Urology Tues & Sat 10-12 NN, By AppoiintmentLiberty 09177671090
Buhay, RosannaObstetrics And Gynecology Mon, Wed & Fri 3:30-5:30 PM09423334852
Cecilia, Brojas, MariaOb-Gyne Mon & Wed 2-4 PM09453976989
Fraxidio, Maria RositaDentist-Bio functional & Cosmetic Dentistry Thurs 1-6 PM09667083647
Te, Marilyn TalingdanInternal Medicine - Gastroenterology Tues, Fri & Sat 3-5 PM09060972692
Chan, Betty Lynn YuOb Gynecologist Mon, Wed & Fri 3 PM, By Appointment09176338250
Talusan, Patrick Jason A.Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Mon, Wed & Fri 1-3 PM09177671090
Fabros, GregorioAnesthesiologist On Call 24/709171664800,09228000000
Cabalza, Marie Roelen C.Obstetrician Gynecologist/Ob-Gyn Sonologist By Appointment 84268000
Panganiban, Cindy C.General Pediatrics Mon, Wed & Fri 10:30-12:30, By Appointment09338156844
Feliciano, JasperInternal Medicine - Adult Cardiology Mon, Wed & Fri 6-8 PM (Pre Pandemic) Mon & Fri 3-5 PM (Pandemic), By AppointmentReggie 09360373696
Patawaran, Helen Grace VerzosaDermatology Mon, Wed & Fri09178992772
Littaua, DennisGeneral Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery Tues & Thurs 3-5 PM09175211104
Macapugay, Leora FlorInternal Medicine - Cardiology Mon, Wed & Fri 1-3 PM09097291275
Baldeviso, Leilani A.Internal Medicine - Diabetes By Appointment. (To Be Further Announced) Angel 09957419656
Cortes, ChristopherPulmonology Tues & Thurs 10-1209364597863
Santos, Jolina AndreaInternal Medicine Sat 8-10 (By Appointment) Teleconsult AvailableVivian 09359165194
Adiaz, TwinkleInternal Medicine - Pulmonary Medicine Mon 8-10 AM, By Appointment Only Download Https://Seriousmd.Com/Doc/Tadiaz09500431227
Nonifara, Ana Maria VillamonteInternal Medicine Tues & Thurs 9-12 09283559022
Sta Maria III, AngelPain Medicine Wed 1-3 PM09083902589
Ancheta, JesusInternal Medicine Pulmonary Medicine Thurs & Sat 8-10 AMMs Rina 09224577572
Cabanela, Judith G.Ob Gyn / Gyne Onco By Appointment09323566090
Amatong, EdaInternal Medicine - Gastroenterology Wed 3:30-5:30 & Sat 10-1109223494569