The RT-PCR Swab and Rapid Antigen is located at the RD floor.



  • Swabbing/ Extraction Booth is located in front of the hospital entrance, you may avail of our services from Mondays to Sundays between 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.
  • For those patients who would like to avail the RT-PCR AND RAT via:
    1. Cash Basis
      • An appointment is not required
      • Please submit duly accomplished Covid Investigation Form (CIF) with emphasis on the COMPLETE ADDRESS (House/ Building No, Street, Barangay, City/ Municipality, and Province).


      1. Incomplete CIF or failure to input complete data will not be processed by our Molecular Laboratory Officer will cause delayed releasing of the results.
      2. The CIF will be provided by our swabber upon arrival at the facility or you may access it at ________ to accomplish it ahead of time for faster transactions.
    2. Health Card Members
      • An appointment is essential before proceeding to the facility to avoid crowding at the waiting area.
      • To schedule an appointment patients may contact the Customer Relations Officer at 0933-0252416 or via email at mnmch.cro@gmail.com.
      • The patient should provide through email the following requirements to book an appointment:
        • Doctor’s Request
        • Duly accomplished Case Investigation Form
        • Valid ID’s
        • Health Card
        • Letter of Authorization (LOA) from your Healthcare Provider addressed to Metro North Medical Center and Hospital (if applicable, otherwise your request will be endorsed to the HMO Department for Verification/ Approval).
      • Confirmation of appointment will be sent via email by the Customer Relations Officer indicating the TIME and DATE of appointment once the Letter of Authorization (LOA) is approved/ Verified by the HMO Department.
    3. Drive-Thru and Home Service
      • For our valued customers who would like to avail RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing through these services, kindly schedule an appointment and contact our Customer Relations Officer for the modes of payment and guidelines.